I'd love to get a Beetle and make a "Hot Rod" like in this month's VW Trends.

Wayne Dean
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hello i posted yesterday that i took off two sets of type 1 doors and succeeded OK and today took off one more pair of doors I'm on a roll and i also cut out 2 complete side rear quarter panels from a 72 super and put them in a 1973 super and spot welded them in and mig welded and fine prepped them that was just as hard as the doors was shewww weee !!!!!!!
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You should consider opening your own body shop. What's your time frame for finishing the job? Are you sending it out for paint or do you have your own spray booth? You could go for that new 'hot rod' look and paint it black satin from a can.
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Yes, hes doing a great job...
Here in Sydney, there is a club that has many flat black beetles & split windows kombis... It doesn't matter what the body is like as there is no reflection of light you can't see any imperfections.
I'm sure our friend here isn't going to paint his excellent work with flat black paint...

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