Since the getting a case to replace the wacked one in the 71 is taking some time and a friend gave me a 34PICT3 carb. I am going to take some time and the VWC-111-198-569-U Carb rebuild kit for CIP1 and try a rebuild on my own.

I have always stayed a way from carbs, because there are "something I don't know". I think that it is time to learn. I know several of you have done this and I am looking for thoughts, comments and suggestions on the process.
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Hey pa_trick, the VW carb is pretty easy to rebuild. Take your time, have a very clean and open area to lay everything out. I would also suggest cleaning the main body and any parts you have to reuse very thoroughly before reassembly. Here is a link to a very good article, that takes you step by step through the whole process.
I've done probably 25 this year, mostly the older 28's but they are ll generally the same. One thing to make sure of is the throttle shaft bushing. They tend to leak after 30 years, go figure. No one has these readily available as they no longer make them. There are a couple of guys out there that have started repopping them. I can put you in touch with one of them if need be.
Other than the bushing it's a straight forward procedure. Set aside a couple of hours, including cleaning time. That's where most of your time will be taken up. Good luck and remember, clean, clean, clean....


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Carbs are to you what fuel injection is to me - an enigma within a mystery wrapped in a riddle.  One thing to watch with your PICT rebuild is the series of very fine double holes in the venturi of the carb.  These are progressively exposed as the accelerator butterfly opens. The bottom two remain exposed and provide the fuel streams at idle.  A bit of varnish or crud in them will lead to a rough idle. I used a strand of ultra fine stainless steel wire to clean out the holes. This cured a lot of idling issues with my car.  When you remove the butterfly from the venturi be aware that it will quite happily reassemble backwards causing even further idling grief.  The hole in the butterfly plate must be on the same side of the venturi as the series of holes.  This hole provides the air at idle because unlike most carbs the PICT butterfly closes completely when the car is at idle.  And yes - clean clean clean !
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One thing I have found handy is a tip cleaner for tips on a gas welder. Get one that goes down to an extremely small wire size. They world good for cleaning out the passages. And like every one has said clean,clean,clean.
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