Just picked up a 78 Super Vert that has been sleeping behind a garage for 5 years rusting away. luckily its only the floor pans and frame head. My question is how difficult would it be to convert to carbs or should i attemp to start with the injectors. Also what does the computer box control? it was a bit wet. How would i by-pass it.By the way, i hate computers! I appreciate any help thanks. By the way also have a 67 vert.
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My 75 is fuel injected and (knock on wood) I've never had a problem with the FI system. It starts in less than a second, runs out smooth and is great on gas. You hear horror stories about these the Bosch fuel injection but I can only speak from my experience and it works great.

The ECM in the back controls the fuel metering by monitoring the air flow and other data transmitted to it by sensors in the engine.
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There is a thread about this around here somewhere.
1. You can't bypass the computer
2. To convert to carb/carbs you would have to do something to regulate fuel pressure, FI pump puts out too much. You would also have to get heads, as the injectors fit in there and would not work with intake manifold.
3.If you do go carbs, you could never get it to pass a smog inspection, if you were thinking of living somewhere that they do such things.
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I don't know if you have to change the heads or not. On my squareback, I put in a fuel-injected motor and the injectors were in the intake not the heads. I changed it to a progressive carb as it was all I had at the time and actually used the injected intake and left the injectors in as they are a normally closed circuit so they prevented a massive intake leak. it actually worked. I have since changed back to the stock dual carbs (it's a '67) but the other setup got me running while i raked together funds. Of course if the car is running well I probably wouldn't change a thing. Best of luck

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