help. bought a 73 convert. red / blk, needed a new top. stored inside for 5 yrs. outside previous for 4 more. not started in 4. First time starting with a new battery. kicked right over. but shot fuel three feet into the garage. the carb float was stuck. bought a new carb. put it on and she ran like a bug in a rug.but, I couldnt get it to idle down where I thought it should. so I touched something I should not have. the carb adj screws. Boy now she runs too low and I cannot get her right. Is there an initial setting to get her close and then how do I get her set right? Help!!
Bill W. Mechanicsville, Va. 73 vert. original. all over.
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If it sat that long ----you may want to check for vacuum leaks---mainly around the rubber boot area. They could be cracked or split after sitting that long. Good luck. Vee
Air cooled before water cooled. They both need more to go fast. Let them breathe and breed the more the better. 55 oval, 58 ragtop,
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The rubber boots are on the inlet manifolds and do crack after some time...
I will have to look up some manuals for a starting point with the carburetor.. as they are different to Australian carburetors ..
You Can adjust the idle up with the adjustment next to the throttle cable.. so the engine keeps going until You adjust the other adjustments...
the engine should be at normal operating temperature before attempting adjustments.. the auto choke should be off...

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