I've got a FI motor from a 76 with 37K on it. I'm taking it down to a long block and going back up to dual carbs. The fuel pump I know will be an issue, what else should I look out for? I'm in no real hurry as this is an extra motor. It will probably end up in my 59 bus (12V). That being the case I need to get some horses out of her. As far as that goes will the 76 tranny possibly work in the bus as far as gear wise? Any one who has tackled the FI to carbs. conversion please let me know what to expect. Best carb set-up etc... Thanks

P.S. Will trade complete FI set-up inc. intake ,fuel pump, harness, etc... for good dual carb. set-up, intake.....
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You need a low pressure fuel pump( some people use a fuel pressure regulator) I do not like that method because if the regulator fails, you have instant flooding. The best carb set up for value and drivability is dual Kadrons. These are best because the fuel injected motors have smaller valves in the heads. If you are going to rn some sort of header system you will need to change the heater boxes to stock carbureted ones or use j-pipes. All the ones I converted ran really well. Good luck
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