Hello, I have a 73' Super.  I need advice on adjusting the 34 pict 3 carburetor.  Right now it runs good, but is running rich.  Rich to the point where it smokes lightly.  My question is, I turned in the volume control screw, new o-ring on it.  I don't know how far to turn it in.  It seems like it gets tight after 1-2 turns already.  I' am wondering if the new o-ring is making so tight right away.  I just don't think I have it turned in all the way when I start out.  Or do I have it turned in too far when I' am starting out?  Therefore causing it to be too rich after turning it out 2-3 turns?  Thanks for any input.

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here you go , this is a clear and easy page to go by


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I also have the same problem,,,when you put new o-rings on the screws and "bottom" the screw in , the o-ring gets chewed up with the threads,  is this normal? Or is the top of the threads the spot where you stop? Please Help!!!!!
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