So I was reading the tech stuff and I liked the sound of a captive discharge system.. I also like the idea of having a rev limiter on my car so. My question is about how many amps does this draw campared to the stock system? Also Another question is.. If i have H4 Headlights on that are 40 W a piece. A radio that is supposed to be 200 watts but only has 2 speaks that are max 40 watt rated. Is that to much to run at the same time with a blinker and windshield wipers? I have a alt thats 51 amps if i remember right but I'm wondering in conjunction with my petronix coil and all the other stuff if I'm drawing to much..

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Nah you should be ok with that stuff and a 51 amp alt. You're not running subs and amps or anything like that.
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i agree , you should be ok

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