im going to lower my struts, but need to tuck in the tires, would you gi=uys be able to tell me what my camber adjustment looks like, and location?

and i wanna lower the back also, what does the camber look like and where would i find it there?

thanks guys-Josh
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You have to adjust the rear spring plates to lower the rear end. I'm not sure where teh camber adjustment is for a super, but you're not going to be able to go super low because you can't tuck the wheels in and they'll hit the fender lips. Check this link on the samba for lowering info for your car:

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If you have a Super, it should be I.R.S., so camber should not be an issue with the rear suspension. As far as the front is concerned, every time you alter the settings, you would have to take it to a shop for alignment (no fault on you. it's just the nature of the beast).

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I can't tell you much about the specific alignment of the camber bc i put as much negative camber on mine bc I plan to slide my bug but the location however is the bolts connecting the lower front control arms to the chassis itself allow for camber adjustment
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