Hey, can anyone tell me where i can find some cal-style fenders (no blinker on top) for a 74 super beetle for a decent price?

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I checked around with no luck in metal or fiberglass.  Couldn't you have the body shop weld some metal in and grind them?

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Hey there, got a 74 myself. I was thinkin' about doin the same thing. I've got access to welders and such so I'm going the route Wayne suggested, but last week a guy over at thesamba.com had some fiberglass ones he has had in a gararge and decided not to use. He wants I think $150 for all four. That's darn cheap for a full set of 'glass fenders. It's unfortunate to send you to another site, but they have a ton of pieces and parts on there. It's worth a try, I haven't been able to find any in a catalog anywhere. Goodluck! Post some pictures if ya get it done soon. I won't be doing it to mine for a while. Like to see how it works out for ya.

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