The throttle cable broke on my 1975 Superbeetle and now the plastic cable sheath is stuck in the metal tube running inside the tunnel. Anyone have suggestions for removing it? Thanks

I realize that a cable sheath on the throttle cable isn't something you always see.
1975 Super Beetle
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While I have never had this problem, I would think that a LOT of oil and some hard wire should help you to get it out enough to get hold of it. On my 76 a new throttle cable always comes with a plastic sheath, but it's only about 4 to 6 inchs long and I ALWAYS remove it as it is not really needed. For all my cables I use a spray-on graphite coating that is intended for the circles and slides on motor graders.(Champion/Volvo) It sprays on thick in the first place and can be built up by spraying on a second or third coat after it drys. The stuff is slick as grease but sticks on hard as a rock and costs about $15.00 for a can. I've used the same can now for around 10 years.
P.S. one major plus is that graphite won't freeze!
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