hey guys, im getting some euro blade bumpers and the place im getting the from doesnt have it for the rear, can i use a front blade for the rear?
im guessing it doesnt really matter right?
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the front and rear are very different and will not interchange

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As I stated in one of my earlier replies it has been done with super beetle bumper but I'm not sure on the blade type.

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the front and rear blade bumpers are VERY different...
the rear blade bumper curves around the rear of the body
the front blade bumper - is nearly straight across the middle and then a gentle curve...
it could be fitted - nothing is impossible...
but it would need some modifications to the mounting holes/bracket..
Now fitting a rear bumper on the front...
now that wouldn;'t work at all... as the center of the bumper would be a long way from the body...
I would say it could be fitted OK...
NOT just a bolt on though...
probably New brackets,.
[I see some shops sell the old bumper to late model brackets]
its just that it wouldn't curve from one fender to the other.

but then who takes notice... and its your car...  lol



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The rear bumper has a far greater arc than the front bumper.  Some guys with widened fenders run a front bumper on the rear in combination with front mounts so there is no clearance issue at each end of the bumper.  IMHO it never seems to look quite right but it does keep the bumper tucked in much closer to the body.
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