Hello...Eagerly looking for a set of ( maybe two sets of ) chrome bumpers for my 1974 Euro Super Beetle.. Over here I can find Brasilian bumpers which I do not prefer at all. At cip1.com , I have found few alternatives but the best one is out of their stock ( that is by Jopec of Denmark ). Anyone here heard of Italian made chrome bumpers? I think of buying directly from them but I can not find their contact details..Any help????  Thanks

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Have you considered re-chroming your original bumpers? I had mine triple-chromed for about $500.00 with a lifetime warranty. You really can't beat the German quality.

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I'm with Wayne on this one. I've got a very nice set of repop bumpers on my '66, but when you get them up next to a set of OG German bumpers and really start looking, they don't compare. I'm actually going to go the exact same route and have my OG bumpers massaged and re-plated (along with my 5 spokes). Yes, no one but a well informed VW person would ever be able to tell the difference, but to me it's worth every penny.
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When you say Over here...
where are You located??

I haven't seen any Italian bumpers in Australia
Brazillian or German...
although there are many different quality Brazillian bumpers..
I have one on the rear of My Beetle for 2 years...
and it still looks OK...
but I do wax it every week..   lol...

but its made from very thin metal compared to the original...

Many body parts are made in Italy and denmark...
check the UK VW magazines...



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Thank you all for comments. I am located in Turkey , Istanbul.
I once thought re-chroming was the best way but I soon learnt that this job needs high skills and technique which is not available here. I have seen messy jobs so far. German bumpers are 2.2 mm thick , even 1.8 is good for replacement where Brasilian bumpers are around 1.2 mm !!!!
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OK found the company at last...   http://www.unicar.it

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