Well, We learn something New every day.. well, nearly every day... Its worth trying out different ideas, if You don't - You will never know..

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This is going to sound a little weird, but what the hey. It's nice to swap ideas and learn new things. With that in mind here's something I discovered that seems to work fairly well. The black center of the steering wheel was faded and not a rich black. I tried putting the different types of dash enhancers on it..Armor All and such. Nothing worked...once it dried it was faded looking still. Just for the heck of it I grabbed a small bottle of KIWI black Leather Heel and Sole Edge. The bottle comes with a sponge applicator. I figured what have I got to lose? So I put it on that area that you push for the horn and it looked great. So, what happens when it dries? Does it smear? No... Is it still shiny? Yes . I used it on the window rubber around the windows and it worked great there too.
Just thought I'd pass this on to my V-Dub buds out there.
Loren R. Knapp
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Thanks flash, I'm going to buy some tomorrow. Hmmm, I wonder if it would work on my eyebrows ? Just kidding, only 34.

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