Hi! I just bought a 78 Super Beetle Convertible named Tweety (by the previous owner), because it is Tweety Bird yellow. So cute, but my previous car was a 69 Ghia and this car is gutless in comparison.

So I'm looking for opinions..... What motor would fit that would make Tweety fly? I'd prefer something with a carburetor (or two). I understand carbs, haven't had the best luck with injectors.

So... Please Obi Wan, Impart your wisdom?
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Hey there! To increase your VWs performance you can go a few ways depending on what you want. If your engine is sound you can try tweaking it with a dual carb setup, turbo, high performance cam etc. Or you could swap the engine out for a larger high performance engine and carb setup. http://www.MOFOCO.com has a few different choices on their site but you’d have to add a carb to these. You could also check out the High Performance 101 section here at the site for some performance tips from Ryan Balou. Hope this helps.
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Try to contact rabyenginedevelopment for options.
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