Does anyone know of a list of parts that are interchangable between the '79 Super Beetle and any of the Porsches?  I know the type IV engines can be used but hopefully many other parts can also.   Thanks, Jon

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While the t4 engine was used in the 914 and I think the 912, it is really just a VW engine. As far as mixing and matching Porsche to Bug... I think it's just like the t4 engine, it'll fit... with some work and some more money than what it would cost if you just stayed with upgraded VW components. While I can say that if you put a 911/930 Porsche up on a lift and a Super Beetle up on one right next to it, when you look underneath you will see a lot of simlarities but... There sure are a LOT of differences also.(Remember Jim Hemmish's Fur Rondy Bug feature... those boys use to race against Terry Bowden's 911 before he passed. There was a 930 out there also) The point that I am trying to make is... If you want a Porsche that you can drive on the street, it would be cheaper to buy one than to try to make you Bug in to one. It may sound cool as Jim states
 My buddy and I run 1972 Super Beetles with 3.6 liter six cylinder twin plugged Porsche 911 engines back with Porsche G50 five speeds.400 horse power, 1865lbs.
But he doesn't say anything about the cost and the fact that he can ONLY drive it on the road two days a year.
P.S. I hope to get away from my house chores and in to town this year and flag for the race in Feburary. If I do I'll post some pictures as there are more air cooled VW's than just Jim's Super in there.
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certainly true!!! i tought that too about interchangeables parts.but i was wrong!!!!

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