Hi, maybe I could get a few opinions about this...

My '72 Super Beetle sits for about a week and when I try to start it, the battery is almost dead (but it does manage to start). This just started happening after I got a tune-up (new points, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, timing). Is this just a battery problem, or could there be a short that's causing it? After running the car and starting it up shortly after, the car starts fine.

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How old's the battery?

Have you tried the simple things? Check and make sure the ground's tight, the terminals are clean and the cables secure, the water level's good, etc. Look and see if there are any wires fraying and shorting, leading to a drain.

Sounds like the charging system's good, just something leeching it when it's sitting.

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Easiest way to check for a short circuit
is to take one of the battery leads off [doesn't matter which one]
and with everything switched off
including the interior light...

and place a 12 volt light globe between the battery terminal and the battery lead , its best to use a low wattage bulb so it will show
even a small leakage...

If it glows... You have a leak of some sort...

If it doesn't glow at all.....

Your battery may have a dead cell...

and will need replacing...

also, take one battery lead off while the car is sitting
for a week, and see if the battery is Low on power still...
that would definately mean you need a new battery..

check the ACID in the battery...
its NOT water and will burn Your skin or disolve Your clothes

if You can see any of the plates in the battery cells..
add some bottled water until the plates are covered...

I hope this helps


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The key question was already asked by fatal - how old is the battery?  Sealed batteries over 5 years old are immediately suspect.  The ones with pressed on seals can be opened if it is done gently.  Top up the cells with distilled water.  This can buy you time but not too much of it especially if the battery has to perform in cool weather where it starts to lose its cranking power regardless of age or condition.
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