I have a '74 Super Beetle and when I pour water into the vent on the hood infront of the windshield, it leaks into the interior of the car from both ends of the dashboard as well as getting into the heater channels in the dashboard and blowing out when I turn on the fan. I don't know what to do. Do I remove the dashboard to get to it? and if so how do i do that? 

-Mat and his '74 Super
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this was a bad design fault by VW..
in the 1303S supers, the water that goes into the front vent goes into a metal part that can get blocked
and does also rust badly...
I believe the long domed metal piece behind the dash
which You will see under the bonnet...
this panel should unscrew..
but I'm not sure about that...
there should also be a hose coming from the bottom of that metal piece in which the water drains under the car..
the 1302s and Non Supers had a plastic container the water goes into..  so it cannot rust...
Maybe someone with a 1303S can help You...
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