Jon the newbie, with another question: My 71 super is equipped with a gas heater under the front hood on the left side. I can't figure out which control on the dash might turn it on. There's a green light-up knob as depicted below on my dash. Is this the rear window defroster? (I'm equipped with the filaments on the glass.) Does this knob have anything to do with the gas heater? Also, my gas heater seems to have three booted wires that hang out the top, not connected anywhere. There are other electrical connections in the relays, but I can't figure out where the orphan wires go. I can take a pic if this doesn't ring any bells.

Thanks-- Jon

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VWs in Australia never had rear window demisters or the Gas heater...
that diagram looks like its for the heater...
thats a wild guess...  or maybe to light the heater??
I've never heard of a gas fired heater in any other car...
they may have been in Europe??
Hopefully someone on here will be able to fill you in...
it will be -2C tonight and in the morning...
so a rear demister would have been a great accessory...
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it is a webasto eberspracher.
here is the german manual

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