I'm looking at buying a '71 Super Auto-Stick.  It is for sale at the shop I use.  The owner is out of cash to spend on it. 

It is difficult to shift in and out of gear from neutral and from 1 - 2.  The mechanic says he has replaced the parts (I can't remember what they were) external to the transmission and it still has the problem. 

The car is beautiful otherwise.  Fresh paint, new bumpers, polished 8-spokes, etc.

Anyone know what the problem with the auto-stick could be?

Anyone know what would be involved in converting to manual?  I'd like to keep the auto-stick if I buy it, but don't want to chase the problem with money.  I know of these parts needing to be replaced/retrofitted:  Trans, pressure plate, clutch, flywheel, shift rod, shifter, pedal assembly, clutch cable (I really hope the clutch cable tube is in the tunnel). 

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If it was me I'd be looking at the switch under the shifter, or the servo and linkage for the single disc diaphragm clutch... or the clutch itself. The automatic stick shift does have a converter that transfers the power of the engine to the transmission, but when you grasp the shift lever it activates a switch that engages a servo that releases a standard single plate dry clutch. If this is not working properly it will be extremely hard to shift. As far as changing to over to a standard trans... once again if it was me I'd try to keep it stock and get the auto-stick working. But the change over is not that hard as there are two Beetles in my area the have had this done already. As far as the list of things you would need, I am not sure about the shift rod but everything else you have listed is a definite must.
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I haven't bought the car yet, but am fairly certain I will.  I am planning on keeping the Auto-Stick at this point.  The research I have done in the past few days points to the problem being external to the trans itself and was emailed a checklist of items to go over by someone from thesamba.  I've even found an auto trans locally for sale if I need it in the end.

I'm going to make an offer on the car this week.  Wish me luck.

From 68AutoBug

its probably just a clutch servo adjustment needed. which takes a few minutes.. [if You have 3 hands] lol
Nothing Major...
or the electric points at the bottom of the gearshifter lever may need adjusting..
Normally, You set it up so that it just crunches going into reverse...
then adjust the clutch servo control valve another 1/2 a turn...

other problems are : the original vacuum hoses all should be replaced...

not an expensive job either...

the control valve on the LHS of the engine bay is connected to the gearshifter lever..

Best to do all these adjustments Yourself as the are no mechanics who will look at these nowadays... unless they are specialists...

I believe the car will be worth buying...

as the autostick parts are available used....




'76 Super 'Vert
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