Does anyone know who has the best aftermarket fenders for a 1302 Super? I want somethin' sturdy not a piece of junk.

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There is no replacement for OE german for fit and quality. You are better off to search the junkyards and the samba for good originals. We have a full set of Veng fenders bought from C1P and they don't fit the holes and don't hang straight, and they are a lighter gauge steel. We do have the 'glass rear fenders from CCC and they are excellent in fit and finish.
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Yeah about 2 yrs ago I had to replace the right rear fender. Being naive I bought an Aftermarket. I do remember having a hell of a time trying to get the holes to line up. Now that I look at it, it doesn't fit right and has gaps in the fitting. Good thing teh same fender got hit, and I can replace it with an original (Hopefully I find one in good condition!)

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I don't know how good they are, but they sound cool; I am talking about the carbon fiber finders on I wish I had some. I have a number for a junk yard that I got a control arm through, they were really good and the parts came fast. Good price too. I can't remember the name I will post it when I am at home.
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Yes, Some of the aftermarket fenders are Very Light gauge steel.... I was lucky enough to find two rear NOS fenders, for My Beetle.. The originals are still OK...
I have seen some Italian or Danish fenders that seemed OK.
May have been a bit thinner steel.. but Not Flimsy like some Brazillian ones...
I have just fitted New Brazillian running boards, and I can stand on them.. They were called Heavy Duty Brazillian.
- and they are.. If only everything We bought was Heavy Duty Brazillian!!!

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