So I got my bug running kinda. Has a bad Knock though might need a motor. Friend of mine has a 73 porsche 914 motor with a 5 speed trans. Is it possible and how much work would it be to make that fit in my 73 super beetle?
Geoff 73' Super Beetle "Not Running"
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hmm.. i bet you could find a conversion plate but you will have to mod stuff.. and you need a gene berg conversion kit..

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I don't know the details but the story goes around that some guy transplanted a Porsche engine and transmission and ended up with a bug that had one forward speed and five very impressive reverse speeds.  Go down that road at your own peril.  MY72BUG
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It is possible,
You didn't specify which engine is in the 914 if it is a type 4 the swap can be done fairly painless but the tranny is a big project regardless.

Now that they are back up has all the info you should need.
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