I have a non-running mess of a wiring rats nest VW 74 Super Beetle. Is there anyone I could talk to who could get me started by answering some questions about what color wires go where? Better yet if you live near me I would like to come visit and look under your rear hood.

I have the manuals and some schematics, but I still need some help.

Thanks much
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Sounds like you've got the same sort of problems I have.  I've got a 74 Super myself and probably have the same schematics you do.  The only advice I might be able to give is a battery and a test light.  I was able to use the test light to do some verification of the schematics.  Good luck.

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Have a looksee, There's a 74 super wiring diagram, and it's in color

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While the color coded diagrams are awesome and really helpful if you understand that stuff, if you're a dope like me, you have no idea what that means in a real world sense. What I wanna see is some pics of where these relays and whatnot are actually located on my messed up 74SB. I have no brake lights, running lights, or reverse lights and instead of a hazard flasher relay, I have a honking big red wire that I think powers the after market Sparkomatic radio. So, any help with that? ohplease,ohplease,ohPLEEEASE!!
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Hey I just bought a new edition bentlys manual from toplineparts.com and it is supposed to havebthebbest diagrams yet check it out. (74 sb here).
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im sure there are videos on which goes which ?
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