i bought with one seat the guy took the hump out and flatened the rest of the track and bolted after market track to floor. now i may have to replace the front 1/4 pans, how do you replace the 1/4 pan and where do i find seats.

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I noticed you live in Fort Wayne.  I live in Harlan so we are neighbors!!!

In case you don't know about the local VW club here is a link


Old Fort VW Club


I have a '74 also and currently have the '73 sport bug seats in it, they are in  need of a rebuild though


you can try Thesamba.com for seats, but the problem you will find is shipping a seat is difficult and expensive.  Scat makes nice seats for VW but if you want factory seats you'll probably have to pay through the nose to get them shipped to you.

I am going to be replacing my seats with the Scat Rally seats in the near future.  So maybe you could use my old seats, just a thought.




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