I am in process of doing some spot re-painting on my SB. It has a couple of layers of yellow;  some of which I am stripping. It appears that the original primer color was a chocolate brown under my Ralley Yellow paint. Under that (brown layer) is bare metal.

Can anyone confirm that the brown layer is original factory primer??

1974 Ralley Yellow Super Beetle.

Also, did the original paint have a clear coat finish??

Thanks, Joe in California...
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Hi Joe
Sorry, I can't help with the paint primer undercoat..
maybe it varied in color over the years as the paint also changed.
I don't believe that any Beetle had a clear coat as they were painted in enamel paint??
I believe...  VW used to advertise back in the 50s and early 60s of how many coats of paint there were on a beetle.


Lee in Australia

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