I've looked into almost all of it. From the 20 dollar plastic "cover" to the 300 dollar fiber glass 911 replacement.

I've finally decided to "refurb" my dash by removing it and cutting and shaping 2 extra gauge holes on either side of the main and having the dash re-upholstered in black leather. I will also be placing some nice billet panel plates in the usual places with chunky toggle switches for that retro look. Anyone else come across any reasonable and cost effective options to the cracked 1303 dash?

And to those poor souls who still think they can buy a replacement somewhere aftermarket...THEY DO NOT EXIST. You're best bet is the junkyards or a used one on the samba or ebay.

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I'm trying to decide what to do with my '74 SB dash as well. It's not in that bad of condition, my main concern is the actual face plate.. it has some holes punched where I don't need it. Does anyone make a replacement plate? Hopefully in silver or chrome? Also, is it possible to get a silver or chrome glovebox door?

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Here's what I've found so far...




There are also a number of manufacturers who make after market options for the plates you described in both billet and carbon fiber. Yo can even do it you self if you're handy and have the right tools. Wood is another option as well.

Carbonjoe.net is one of them
Can't remember all of them at the moment, but they do exists and you should be able to find them.
Try Airkewld.com too...they have lots of billet stuff.

Good luck

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West Coast Metric lists a complete dash pad (part #133-183) that fits 1973 - 1979 Super Beetle. They do however say 'call for availability'.

There are companies that can repair your cracked dash right down to the textured pebbled finish. I use one here in Toronto called Dr. Vinyl.
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Yes, they DO have a complete pad! (A miracle in itself!)
Did you happen to notice the price on this limited availability item?
seven HUNDRED and fifty!
Still, it is a complete dash for a '74 super.
just depends on how badly ya want it.
Thanks for the info though.

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Your best bet is to find a nice used dash. I purchased one on those dash caps and didn't like it because it was too shiny and obvious...I'm going to live with the two cracks I have above my speedo. They aren't that bad...besides the car is 31 years old...I think it adds to it's character..:-)
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