Just picked up a 73SB its been in storage, In pretty good shape considering I'm in VT land of ice and snow and used to be lots of road SALT...

Also the gas gage does not work there are two wires at the battery not hooked up are these for the gage....? And do I need to put lead additive in the fuel.........?

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From what I have been told lead substitute is not needed because the heads are aluminum and have to have the hardned valve seats anyways.  Wiring is not my frind so I'll let someone else tackle that question

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My 73 SB uses regular unleaded. I'm not sure why you would need to add lead. By 1973, the gov't had pretty much done away with leaded gasoline for new cars.
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Hey Ljohn,


Look under the bonnet and right on top of the tank should be two wires for the sending unit. An easy way to test if juice is going to it is to use one of those little light testers you can pick up and any parts place. Turn the key on and ground one end of the tester to a good ground and touch the end of the tester to either one of the contacts, if you have a light, that means juice is getting to the sending unit. if no light from either side, check fuses. If you have a light than it could be the sending unit is bad.


Hope this helps.



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