I've finally got the engine to run at idle but it is not running smoothly. Bumps and shakes and hesitation on acceleration. I discouvered that the distributor was seized and was not advancing. I got it loose and lubricated so that I get movement of the plate by sucking on both vacuum hoses. Don't know if this works for sure but it must be better. Put in new points and condenser at the same time.
The engine dieing at 2/3 choke seems to have gone away for the time being. The manual says that acceleration problem may be due to the acceleration pump ball sticking. Where is it? The acceleration pump gives a squirt on acceleration but I don't know if there is enough gas being generated or not. Pumping the pedal get the RPM's up but a steady increase creates hesitation.
Running at idle, 900rpm, the timing is about 15 degrees Btdc. I am still puzzled by my owner's manual saying 5 degrees ATDC for timing @ 900rpm and the AE pulley with those markings on the engine, but the engine being an AK engine which is advertised as 7.5 degrees BTDC.
Appreciate any help. Thanks
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The correct timing spec is determined by the distributor model, not the engine number. The 7.5°BTDC spec is for the SVDA distributor used on most 1974 engines; all dual-diaphragm distributors are set to 5°ATDC at idle with hoses connected, assuming the diaphragms aren't leaking. When you suck on the hose and put the tip of your tongue over it the breaker plate should not move until you take your tongue off the hose.

Setting the timing too-far-advanced will tend to mask hesitation problems, so if it's stumbling at 15°BTDC you're going to have a BIG problem at 5°ATDC.

Here's a good resource for you to read:
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Thanks Marc, I'm reading the articles. I see in the 34PICT3 picture that there is a vacuum hose coming out of the rear of the carb but I can't tell where it ends up. I have two vacuum hoses to the distributor, one from the left side of the carb and one from the left side of the intake manifold. Are these in the right place? If so where does the rear one go?

I also can't identify my Distributor with the ones in the articles. Mine is a Bosch JFU4
Can you help me here?
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