I need pics of the rear of a 73 sb speedo to see where all the wires go

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I just happened to have a speedo sitting in the basement. I hope this helps.

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The 2 lugs at 2:00 and 4:00 are grounds (brown wires).

The illumination lamps (gray/red-stripe wires) are at 2:30 and 9:30
The high-beam indicator lamp (blue/white-stripe) is at 8:30
The t'signal pilot lamp (blue/red-stripe) is at 6:00
The charging system warning lamp (blue) is at 5:30
The oil pressure warning lamp (blue/green-stripe) is at 6:30
Power (from fuse #12, black wire) goes to the lug at the bottom and to the one on the backside of the vibrator (the rectangular box at the top)
The wire from the gas tank sending unit goes to the lug held to the gauge unit by a brass nut at 1:00
There isn't one on Wayne's example but you probably also have a pilot lamp for the rear window defogger - it would have a connector with two small wires in it - one black, one blue/white-stripe.
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