I'm a new " V-duber "!!! I have a '72 super! I Bought Mr. Muirs book and followed directions "EXACTLY"!!! 1) adjusted valves. 2) set timing 3) adjusted carb!!! This MO-FO still Idles at 1300! anything lower and it dies!!! Aparently a rebuild is due, but damn, shouldn't I be able to get it down from there?? YES I did the idle speed, the air ratio, the dash pot, EVERYTHING I could?!?!? ANY help or tips on my 34 PICT??? maybe I am missing something!!! Thanks...Ken

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Could it be a vacuum issue? Drawing air from somewhere possibly. What kind of distributor are you using?

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The dizzy is the stock one and I can not find a vacuum leak!!! Thats the first thing I checked!!! I have sprayed so much WD-40 on everything (to find an air leak)the Dam motor is about to slip out the back of the car!!!!!
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