I think that I have read every publication and comment of installing headlines But are there detailed instructions on how to install a headline with a metal sunroof  in a 1972 Super

Any comments, referrals or help invited - Thanks TomFitz

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I know the Bentley shop manual has an entire section on the metal sunroof. Does it cover the headliner there?

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I looked and looked when I did my '74. There's really nothing. So being me, I went for it I put it in like a regular one sans bows up front (I think I only used 2 bows) and then CAREFULLY cut out the opening. The advantage of a sunroof is it allows you one more stretch for those "man I should have pulled that a little tighter" spots If you have one already in, you have an advantage over me 'cause you can cheat and see what they did as you take out the old one. Around the sunroof opening I just made a little cut in the middle and then got bigger until it was the right size to stretch and glue. I think I did front, Back, then the sides, cutting the piece out of the middle as I went instead of cutting it all the way out and then starting the glue and stretch. By the time you get to that (last) you will be such an expert at stretching and gluing, that you will be sick of it and it will be easy as pie compared to when you first started putting that thing in. Have fun
oh yeah, pick up the molding that goes around the sunroof opening, it really cleans it up. West Coast Metric probably has it and I don't know who else does who ships except maybe  Mid-America.

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