I am just starting a 72 Super rebuild on a car that a friend tore apart (about 3 years ago) in hopes of rebuilding it.  Unfortunately, he had to move to Portland and couldn't take it, so I bought it.  Problem is, I didn't help take it apart so the rebuild should be quite a learning process. 


Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I'll try to post pics as I progress.  I plan to do it as money is available and am starting by salvaging and replacing the necessary front supsension and steering components.  I also plan to POR-15 the underside as the car does have a fair amount of rust. 


Wish me luck.




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     Welcome to the forum you will get plenty of help from all, There is a lot of people here with tons of knowledge some more then others, I'm not one of them...............L.John

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Welcome to the forums.  I'm in pretty much the same boat as you.  I bought a 74 super that someone had started to dissasemble, but so far I've found all the parts that I need with the exception of most of the bolts.  I've already purchased new body pan bolts, but I will need to eventually get fender bolts, bumper bolts, and I'm sure I'll find a few more as I go.  The guys on the board here are very helpful.  I've asked a few questions and had prompt answers.  So, good luck with your project and Happy Buggin!!!!

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Man oh man....when I read posts like yours I' m so thankful that we bought "The Blues" spankin' new in 1973 and kept 'er.

Good luck with your project and welcome to our little v-dub corner in cyber space.

Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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Good luck on the reassembly!!  Last one I bought as just parts was sold as just parts.  (The body ended up in Ireland!)

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Good luck I am at a slow pace just trying to decide on how I want to fix mine up . I couldnt imagine doing a complete restore...

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Thanks for the well wishes guys.....I am pretty excited to make some progress and can't wait to finish.  I'll start to post some pics in air cooled work in progress soon. 



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