Would the chassis on a '72 and 73 Superbeetle be interchangeable?


My friend has a 72 Superbeetle with a rusted Frame Head and Mounts.  That amount of surgery is beyond our current skill level and motivation. 


He has an opportunity to buy a 73 Superbeetle with a supposedly good chassis, pretty cheaply.


Could he put the 72 body on the 73 pan and chassis?



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I think if u use the front suspension from the car ur using the body, I think it'll work

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 I am not sure if it will work but I do know that the 73 was the first year for the curved windshield and big dash the driver and passenger seat mounts are different also. With the curved windshield on the 73 you may run into a problem getting the 72 steering column to mate to the 73 steering gear. this is something to consider.



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