hey all. new to the board and the world of bug restoration. i've owned some westy's in the past but never a bug and i picked this one up this past weekend. i lovingly refer to him as pele..

exterior wise he's in pretty damn good condition. paint is decent, rust is limited on the outside. he was missing a passenger side mirror and the air vent trim behind the back windows need to be replaced. i'm having the car repainted by choice..

interior the car was shot to hell. EVERYTHING needs replacement - door panels, headliner, seat upholstery, seat padding, dashboard, dash controls, carpet, seals..

the pans and floors aren't rusted with the exception of an area behind the backseat which i'm getting welded. heater channels are in great condition too.

mechanically the car has a minor oil leak and has some trouble getting into first gear..there are little things i'm going to need to check out.

very excited and look forward to any advice i can get on here!
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& Welcome ... You should buy some books on Your Beetle...

Workshop/owners/operators Manuals...

You can pick them up - New or Used - on amazon.com

Some of the older books are really great..

I have 12 different manuals from the UK USA & Australia..

There are also some excellent books on restoring Your beetle..

It really doesn't matter what model as many things are the same/similar... from model to model...

I only found some of these books after restoring My Beetle....lol


Under the gearshift towards the rear, is a small clear plastic bushing,

which is starting to wear out now...  I didn't know they existed in the 60s & 70s.. so they do last a long time... they are probably the cheapest part You can buy too...

Also check the gearshift rod connection under the oval plate under the rear seat...  the oil leaks - come with the car.. lol

I was lucky enough to tighten the sump bolts last week, and now I no longer need a drip tray under the engine....

Most beetles engine do drip oil...  I know a local who has had beetles since the 70's and works on his all the time, and He had oil leaks...

Best Wishes from Australia  - Here is a pic of My Beetle -

resto only took 9 years .... ??


Lee Noonan   68AutoBug    Australia




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