who sells the best/heaviest gauge pans for beetles?
the pans i'm welding in for the friend's '64 are no where near the gauge of the originals.
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Here's a quote from the OE VeeDub website;

Customers often call asking the thickness of our Danish-made sheet metal -- we're happy to report our panels are 1/3 thicker than the Brazilian and other aftermarket panels you'll find out there. They also ask, "Why do you not stock complete floor pans?" There are no European-made floor pans for Bugs, though some companies buy pans from Brazil or Mexico and affix their own label. The only way to get a floor pan does not flex when you step into your Bug is to fit our Klokkerholm floor sections.
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thanks wayne.

even though the pans i'm doing for a friend stiffen right up when welded on 2&a10th sides, they still seem flimsy.
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