Help me out here for this has been "Bugging" me for years.
TV show, back in the 70's during the Law enforcement rage
era, you know the ones, Starsky and Hutch, Police Woman, SWAT, Beretta, so on... THIS ONE, I think was a spin off of Starsky and Hutch. Takes place in Cali, featured a gal and a guy. She operated one suped up Beetle, Red, Primer? But true Cali style. Featured it in a chase scene to rival what the the White striped Ford Tomato could do!
I think the name was Dog and Cat?
Starred Kim Basinger.
Anyone remember this one?
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In 1976, Basinger decided to take a more serious stab at acting, and moved to Los Angeles. Within a year, she made her television debut as a female police detective in the pilot for a short-lived crime drama entitled Dog and Cat; in 1978, she landed the starring role in the made-for-TV movie Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold, appropriately playing a beautiful Southern girl who comes to Los Angeles in search of stardom.
That's about all I could find.

No pictures at all

Of the Bug that is, plenty of Kim B.
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Did You really want a photo of the Beetle Wayne????

I have never heard of that show... it probably never made it down under.. I think they had to make a few seasons of shows before they came down here in the 60s & 70s... I think it may be different these days... there are more TV channels plus all the pay TV channels...
I watch Columbo and the A Team and others to spot the VWs .. & not forgetting Maxwell Smarts Karmann Ghia... I think back then, the average US made car was either 2 or 3 beetles long... with a very soft suspension... Australian cars have always had hard suspensions... even when imported from other countries..

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Found out it was aired in March through May of 1977. Six episodes total. I only found two pictures of Kim from the series. I also could not find any pics of the car. Here is a web site with episode titles and info,
Clark Verbockel
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Hmmm, interesting but it seems we are getting somewhere and I am pleasantly surprised that people here have "heard" and or seen this particular short lived show. Might also look into her homepage? I was only 13 at the time, but cars and car chases were all the rage at that time. The one episode I recall is she's driving said V dub, her partner's riding holding on with all he's got to the OHMYGAWD bar as she pursues a 70's sedan that handles like a 70's sedan. I recall that the Vdub takes every corner flat and gains ground each time as the pursuee seems to "swing" around every corner. Ever wonder how the heck on Starsky and Hutch that bouncing White striped Red Tomato caught people?
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The big ol Ford Torino cobra was memories to me. my grandma used to drive the regular station wagon only it wasnt red it was brown. What kind of Bug did the main character drive?(as in stick or automatic)
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