I have a baja bug that has to go, 6 vehicles is TOO MUCH !! 65 factory convertible, brazilian front end (down to the spindles) with <10k miles, 1 piece nose, tilt front cage, totally stock dash, rear pans rusted out, side rails bolted thru the frame (you can lift the car with them), 4 point roll cage (needs remounting and does not interfere with convert top) rear baja kit, solid front tranny mount, poly urethane rear, stock tranny (works fine), rear cage and 10.5x31 rear tires. I have top frame and all glass -1 door.
To run it, it needs cleaning & TLC, shifter, complete brake overhaul (been sitting for years), and a complete motor set up. Comes with tow bar and manual.
The huge tires in the rear means it runs 70-75MPH comfortably on the freeway, but first gear tached is 15-18 mph. The last motor set up was a 1776 with dual Kadrones. Got 25 MPG and pulled wheelies in first. It was my daily driver for years, and made a 4 week 4K mile trip to Cabo San Lucas. Can you say 'sand spider' ??? (No wimp in the mud either) I cant tell you how many stuck 4X4's I went by, smiling and waving (not like I could pull them out).
I know I could part it out down to the door handles (stock), but it was such a fun car with soo many memories attached, I am VERY reluctant to sentence it to death. I would rather sell the package to someone who will make her run again. I'd like to get $800 (parts alone are worth more) but will consider all offers; I want it to run again that badly. More pictures available on request. Thanks...

Measure twice; Cut once....
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where are you located?

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