I just filled my Super Beetle with the needle just touching the "R" and it came out to $45.00 ($1.49 per litre for 91 octane) OUCH!

Wayne Dean
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I have chosen the route of retarding my timing and filling it with the regular. Not quite the power house im used.

1600cc biggest most powerful engine for a stock beetle. Power house!:) Smokes the tires in first in the rain
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I've often heard over the years that you'll increase your MPG's quite a bit if you run the air pressure in your tires high.  The question then becomes ... is it worth the expense of your tires?

I would guess that shifting through the gears sooner and not taking off like a bat out of Herkimer would help too.  Not sure if those gas additives do anything at all. 

I remember filling my 57 Chevy for 15 cents a gallon back in the late 60's.  Geez....I sound like my dad...guess I'm gettin' old!



Loren R. Knapp
In The Hot Sonoran Desert of Arizona - 73 Super Beetle "The Blues."
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