Need some advice on a stuck valve. I was doing a valve adjustment on our project 73 super beetle and have found that the exhaust valve on the number 2 cylinder is stuck open (fully compressed down without the rocker arm touching it).

Not sure how long the car sat before we got it but it's been some time since it ran and I've replaced a lot of parts so far. My question is can I try to drive the valve to freedom or do I need to tear apart the head to check/replace it? I've tried to tap it free in case it was just gunked up but that did not free it.

The car runs poorly, as expected with a compression issue, but at higher rpms she'll stay going. Is it safe to run it to break it free or do I need to start tearing it down.

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If you have run the engine with the stuck valve it has most likely damaged the engine anyway. (broke guide, bent valve or hole in piston) If you really want to check it with out tearing down the engine at least pull it and then pull the spark plugs and manifolds, both intake and exhaust. Then get in there with a bright light  and look over everything all the valves, their guides... get the light positioned so you can see down through the spark plug hole to see the top of the piston... look at where the exhaust  valve has been hitting the piston... it has to have left a mark of some sort. This should at least tell you if the valve has been moving back up enough to keep from doing damage. And since you have it this far rip that head off anyway and fix the problem right by unsticking the valve. You will be much happier after it's back together again and all the valves working correctly. I have seen the results of a dropped or stuck valve at around 4000 to 4500 rpm... it's not pretty you only end up with one good head and a few large chunks of alumunim.
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