With my son's recent purchase of a 65 Bug from Arizona we are now a 2 Bug family. I have had a 73 super convert since 91. I'm so happy for him, and you all can expect him to have alot of ?????????????????????????.
I know you will help him as much as you have helped me all these years.
Thanks in advance.
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Congrats to the whole family.  I see by another response that you are across the lake from me.  Hope to see you and both of those bugs at the Woodward this summer.  I met a pack of VW addicts who had a great spot staked out at the edge of a mall overlooking Woodward sort of up in the northern end of it all.  I plan to meet them all again this August.  And while we are at it, your ' 73 Super 1303 is listed in the international convertible registry in Germany ...... I should hope?  Look it up.  It is a totally non-commercial site looking to register every bug convertible on the planet.  MY72BUG is # 330 in the registry.
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Well, My Son has a beetle...
I forgot... I'm already a two beetle family...  lol..
If I had a large shed and plenty of money..
I'd have so many...  lol
lucky i haven't got either... lol

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I got my bug in '91, the same year as the first "official" Woodward Cruise. Yes, we were in attendance. I grew up near Woodward, my family has lots of history with the road. Had to be there. We will make it a point to look for you.
Wish we had a bigger garage too......
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The more, the better! We are currently a 2 Bug family, with a third to join on May 2nd. I have a 68 Emory baja replica and my daughter has a 73/75 Standard. Our SCCA rally veteran will join the crowd.
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As it stands there are 4 beetles and 2 westy's  and thats just the wife and I, my daughter has her eye on a Ghia its what happens when you try to save as many as you can.

saving as many as I can
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We;re currently a 3 bug family, until the new owner of my '63 ragtop comes to pick it up.
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