I recently purchased a 1974 VW Super Beetle.  I have replaced master cylinder, all wheel cylinders and shoes all the way around.  I have bled the master cylinder (I think) and all 4 wheel cylinders.  The problem I am running into is there doesn't seem to be enough pressure at the pedal as needed.  The brakes do engage when the pedal is pressed, however the pressure seems to fluxuate everytime the pedal is depressed.  Has anyone had this problem?  I would really appreciate any advice or help.  Thank you!

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First I don't think you have the system bled correctly... Start from the back passengers side first, then to the back drivers side. Then to the front passengers side, then the front drivers side. Keep checking the reservoir and filling it from a NEW clean can of brake fluid, and always make sure you are not getting air from the wheel cylinder anymore before moving on to the next one. One other thing you might want to check and possibly change is the brake hoses to all four wheels. They swell with age and can cause REAL problems. The ones on your car now are most likely 35 years old and it is cheep insurance to change them out.
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i would make sure  that you got the master bleed my beetle has similar problem i can bleed them have brakes then go away in 10 min i think i have a leak some were possible wheel good luck

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