I'm in the Boise, Idaho area.


I bought this car from an older couple (2nd owners) that had just retired and were moving from a large home in the country with multiple garages and cars, into a condo in town. The car had been garaged for the most part. The car drove just fine and I drove it as a commuter car for a few years. (1997-8)


It began to need more tinkering with the brakes and new brakes didn't help (probably installed incorrectly) and I bought a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder (I had a good job then) and now I'm retired on Social Security and can only have one vehicle to keep SSI benefits.


It is painted bright white over soft yellow over bright yellow. (Originally bright yellow, then light yellow and now white... you can tell by looking underneith. heh)   The white hood is newer and in excellent shape. I had to replace it after a remarkable hail storm in 1999.  The black upholstery has some medium tears..not hideous, not pretty.


It has sat, mostly in the dappled shade and now has some rust right where you'd expect it.  And there is a rust hole under the passenger's feet about 5" x 5" and under the battery. That has been there since I bought it... I figured I just wouldn't drive into puddles over 6".


When I bought it, I could put my foot on the gas and it would speed up just like a Superbeetle should.  Now it runs like the ordinary beetles of the 1960s ... come to a hill and the traffic builds up behind you.  A long hill, and you'll average about 20 mph even if you got yourself a good running start.  No signs of obvious problems except for that... even according to mechanic hobbyists that should know.... I tend to think it is a matter of hours of tweaking by an expert more than needing a new engine or carborator... you'd have to come drive it yourself to know.


It needs a mirror for the passenger side, otherwise you can't see behind you when the top is down.


If you live nearby, come by and see.  I cannot afford to give it away, even though you may be  thinking it would go cheap. I'll give it to a sister with a mechanic boyfriend before I'll part with it under $2300.  (Did I just hear an incredulous gasp of breath?)  Obviously I need a buyer that wants this the way I wanted it in 1997 and payed over $4k. 


See if you can talk me down to a lower figure if you like.  I don't have a great deal to do now that I'm retired on SSI.  I DO have to sell it, I'm tired of having no $ though. 


If there is anything more wrong than that you are welcome to come yell at my ex who is the one who put in the new brakes and assured me that everything looked great.  (He was an airplane mechanic years ago, not a vw mechanic.)


I hope I made you smile.

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I just wanted to add that the rust is mostly the hubcaps.  The rest really isn't so bad at all imo.  It's just that I'd gotten it painted just before moving to Boise and it seemed unreasonable to have ANY rust.


Milage was rather low when I bought it considering the year. $120k on the original engine I think, then I just commuted from Kirkland to Seattle once a week and usually took the bus and even pulled the vw behind me when I moved to Boise in 2000 and didn't drive it after that.  The only odd thing in all that time was if I got on a Washington State Ferry to visit my sister (the one with the mechanic).  I'd get on the ferry, and then the vw (I call it Bently) wouldn't start when it was time to get off.  Crew would have to push Bently off the ferry... and then Bently ran beautifully until the next time we were on a ferry... maybe 3 months later.


Bently has had very little experience around salt water.  Maybe, like Herby, Bently was protesting something.  Dunno.


I think the upholstery would look ok with some liquid upholstery fixer-glue stuff.  I'm not going to do it though.  It's really not too bad.  A 4" clean rip on one back and an odd roundish rip about 1/2" on the driver's seat.  Maybe made by a hailstone.


The car smells fine, I don't smoke and neither did the previous owners.


If I were one to tinker on cars I'd keep Bently.  I'd be talking myself out of selling right now if it were legal for me to keep 2 cars... but I'm no mechanic and can't afford to keep one busy.

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Sorry to hear you're losing him!

Just some random thoughts....

1.) Wonder how SSI would know if you kept Bently, but, had it under someone else's name...
2.) Wonder how the compression is in the motor...
3.) Wonder if the advance is sticking in the distributor, or the screen at the bottom of the gas tank is clogged up...
4.) Something makes me think the ex forgot to recenter the brake shoes, or possibly to adjust them back out once they were installed...

Anyhow, for a midwestern car, expecially a vert, your asking price is pretty fair.
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