Hello, I have a 1973 Super Beetle that acts up it seems to be when the temps get into the 60's.  My choke does not seem to operate properly, it is as if I' am getting too much gas.  The car will spit and sputter and not idle.  It will die at the stop signs unless I can give it gas to keep it running.  Like I said, it seems as if the choke is not opening?  It did clear up today after about 10 miles.  I still have the carbon canister filter under the passenger rear wheel well hooked upto the air filter box.  Could this be causing issues if the tank gets too warm??  Should I unhook that?   Thanks for any input!!

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Are you running a stock PICT carburetor?  If it is stock and its last rebuild is lost in the mists of time you may want to either rebuild or better yet buy a new one.  A good place to start on the PICT carb is with the fuel shut off solenoid at the left side base of the carb.  It looks like a little cylindrical thing with a single wire going to it.  First, make sure that the wire is on and that with power on you hear a distinct click when the ignition switch is moved to its first position.  No click, no idle as every time you take your foot off of the gas and the butterfly closes in the throat of the carb you will have no fuel there!  Also look for a progression of  fine double holes in the throat (venturi) of the carb.  If one or two of these are plugged - no idle.  As for that carbon canister file it under "g" for garbage.  It probably stopped working 30 years ago.
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