Looking for a good home!

1973  Volkswagen  Super Beetle For Sale
NEEDS ALOT OF BODY WORK: Floor panels, Frame Head, and fenders just to name the major body work. Rear deck lid is dented in, body shop said it could be
repaired. RUST is prevalent. Needs new tires. Needs new exterior mirror. Passenger seat adjustment mechanism is broke. Seats need reupholstering. Needs new floor carpeting.
HAS: New fuel tank, new fuel tank sending unit, new(German) muffler, new tailpipes, new ignition cable, headliner (still in box), and a new spare Solex Carbureator (in box). Battery is only four years old.
Has extras like spare oil screens, gaskets, intake boots, points, gaskets, etc.
I would prefer to sell her to someone willing to restore her rather than for parts.
Due to the nature of her being stored for as long as she has it is recommended she be towed or placed on flatbed. Money order or cash ONLY please.

$ 1,500
Pittsfield, Massachusetts


Photos available here.


I hate to part with her...but I can't afford to invest any more money into her.  And it's a shame to let her just sit and rust away in the garage. 


The price is negotiable!



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