I bought this 1972 Super beetle in Cali, a year or so ago before moving to
New Mexico. It's in excellent shape, The pans are solid and show no rust.  It's got
a stock 1600DP motor, just changed the plugs, oil, belt and voltage reg.  The front
is lowered it's an adjustable strut setup.  It has a nice rake to it.  The entire car is
pretty much original except the H30/31 carb, and the interior.  The headliner is new
as well as the carpet, the seats are from an MR2 and look good and ride great.  I've
taken long rides in this bug and can't complain. 

The only things I had planned to fix was:
Fix 2 small rust areas in the front wheel well (very minor)
Small bubble spots along the drip rail
Then knock out a few dimples here and there
Then Paint it.

I have extra parts and pieces to fix it up, 2 carbs, repair panels for the rust, etc.
It's a very solid Beetle, the heater channels and usual areas are solid, the pans
look new.  This is a Cali car so no rusted out hulk like most southern cars.

Very minimal work and it would be killer.
I'm only selling it to help fund getting a jeep or car for work.
I'm asking $4000 obo, but I don't have to sell it and wont take lowball offers.
I'll consider a trade for a Honda Civic (need work car)
I can answer any question and can post pic's as requested.

For email or interest email me:
Title the email: 1972 Super Beetle!

[b]One day![/b]
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