hello all, i recently got a 71 SB with no motor, i have a 1800 pancake from a 74 bus, anyone give some good advice on putting it in the beetle, any advice would help.
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We have an article in Tech Talk with Rick that talks about converting from Type 1 to Type 4 power


Maybe that might be of some help to you.
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See also:
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thanks for the help so far, does anyone know where i can find the stock heater boxes off a type 4 relativly cheap, and the stock cooling tin, i think id like to use the stock cooling tin if possible, but im not sure yet, id like to put the motor together, then see how well it fits, i would like to retain my single 2 barrel carb that i have on the motor.

thanks again
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You've hit upon the two biggest problem areas of this conversion - the engine was never intended to fit in a Beetle body and with stock parts it isn't going to. It's not nearly as difficult to put one into a Type III since they use the same general cooling system layout (no parts in common, though) and have a lot more room for the heaterboxes and exhaust system.
If you want it to be a "bolt-in" you'll need to pony up for the expensive parts
needed to graft it in. Keep reading at the links furnished.
What do you know about the rest of the car - transmission, brakes, front suspension, steering? Those last two can take quite a bit to get into shape on an early Super if it's been run into the ground. You should look into this stuff before blowing your bankroll on the engine project, or your big-block hotrod could be undriveable past 45MPH. http://www.toplineparts.com/suspprob.html

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Also try checking out
They may have develped the cooling thing by now to allow use of heaters, you have a link to the other site.  There is a video on the installation somewhere 
'79 Super Beetle Convertible, Topline Sport+ springs and disc brake conversion. SS brake lines, KYB GR-2struts and Gas-a-just shocks
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I just completed my installation of a type IV, 914-1700 , into my 72 Super. Upright fan conversion will prevent you from using your 2Barrel. Stock cooling tin will not fit. I put the 911 fan conversion on mine, with dual 40DCNF Webers. Its a tight fit on the engine compartment. Have to run external oil cooler.
Clark Verbockel
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