if my super beetle is a 1972 does that make it a 1302 or a 1303. Whats the difference.
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As a 1972 1302S it should have a flat windscreen , and the spare tire will be laying flat... and it will have a McPherson strut front suspension.
If it was a 1303S it would have a Curved windscreen, and also the spare tire would be laying flat ... and it would also have a McPherson strut front suspension..
The 1302S has the familar flat dashboard that is shared with standard beetles..
The 1303S has its own unique dashboard .. as used in the late model SuperBeetle 1303S Karmann Cabriolets.. [convertibles]

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Are the 1302S Super Beetles rare?  I have a 1972 Super Beetle and  was wondering if this was a good year?

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I don't know for a fact that they are any more rare, but it seems to me I definitely see a lot less of the 1302's. A lot of people like the appeal of the later "comfort" features like the strut front end and more trunk space, while still keeping the flat dash and windhield reminiscent of the earlier years. Kind of the best of both worlds.

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Although they weren't made for many years.....

a lot of them were manufactured....

probaby the most common beetle still on the roads in Australia....


the 1303S with curved windscreen wasn't accepted by the flat windscreen VW fanatics... so not many are still on the roads....

the 1976 standard Beetle was the ONLY beetle sold in 1976 in Australia

with torsion bar front end with upright spare and flat windscreen and dash....


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