I have a '71 Super Vert.  The right tail light doesn't work.  The brakes and turn signal on that side work fine.  I have check bulbs, connections etc.

At the same time this occurred I noticed the #1 fuse was blown.  Replaced it and it immediately blew again.  I hate electrical issues cuz I just don't understand wiring very well.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Also, the light inside the speedometer is out.  How hard to replace?  It's awful dark inside without it at night.

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there's probably a short somewhere in the line that runs to #1 fuse, and yes it's pretty dark without a dash light, but it's usually not all that bright with one either! try to trace that short, fix it up and your fuse won't blow anymore. as for the speedo light, i'm not sure, never had to do mine....
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  That fuse is also for the front park lights and the license plate light.A shorted wire between the fuse and one of these bulbs will cause it to blow. You can try to isolate the problem by disconnecting the two front park light assemblies. Open up the trunk hood and you'll find these plugs on each side of the spare tire well. The grey wire is for the park lights. With the wire disconnected, pull the light switch. If the fuse doesn't blow, the right tail light and license plate light should be on and the problem is in the front area. Another blown fuse means that you have to do the same test at the rear lights. Good luck
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hey, i just finished solving a million electrical problems, (practilly nothing worked) none of the lights worked, i tried everything and the only thing i could make is one headlight dim. My mom suggested to change the ground strap, (it was the only thing left) it worked like a charm. It probably dosent hurt to change the ground strap anyway, there not expensive.

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